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Medical autoclave class N
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Top class autoclave with top loading
Horizontal autoclave
Autoclave al plasma
Portable autoclave
Vertical autoclave
Colony counter
Biological safety cabinet
Cytotoxic security cabinet
Laminar flow cabinet
Cabinet PCR
Flame photometer
Cooker hood
Ducted extractor hood
PP extractor hood
Extractor hood without duct
Mobile fume extractor
Extractor hood
Counter homogenizers
Portable homogenizer
Mini portable homogenizer
Ultrasonic homogenizer
Hybridization ovens
Laboratory centrifuges
Automatic pickling centrifuge
Blood bank tube centrifuge
Centrifuga ID sangue
Cell smear centrifuge
Centrifuge for washing cells
Centrifuge Clinic
Centrifuge for hematocrit
High speed centrifuge
High speed refrigerated centrifuge
Centrifuge for immunohematology
Low speed refrigerated centrifuge
Low speed centrifuge
Mini centrifuge
Mini centrifugal plate
Centrifuge for oil testing
Centrifuge for vacuum concentrator
Laboratory incubators
BOD incubators
Constant temperature incubator
Dry incubators
Dry incubators with double temperature control
Hot air block incubators
Heating incubators
Laboratory microplate incubators
Low temperature incubators
Thermostatic incubators for microplates
Vibrating incubators
Incubators for thermostatic stirring
Consumables for centrifuge
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Liquid management
Laboratory shakers and 3D rockers
3D Gyratory Rocker
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Muffle oven
Split tube oven
Box oven for vacuum atmosphere
Tube furnace for vacuum atmosphere
Laboratory scales
Analytical balances
Density balance
High capacity scale
Precision balance
Aging test ovens
Bench-top vacuum furnaces
Bench drying ovens
Bench top high temperature drying ovens
Floor standing vacuum furnaces
Floor drying ovens
High temperature floor drying ovens
Hot air ovens
Vacuum drying ovens
Magnetic stirrer and heating plates
Compact magnetic mini-stirrer
Magnetic stirrer with digital heating plate
Digital hot plate
Ultra-thin magnetic stirrer